What is Artists in Transition?

Artists in Transition is an idea that has been bouncing around since Help Right Here’s beginning and is one of many incredible things that came to fruition because of Covid-19.

We wanted to create a space where those experiencing homelessness would feel safe to create art. Like all thing’s HRH, we wanted to take to ability to create to the artists. In this case, that space has been Johnny’s camp.

We are a motley crew – sometimes quiet, sometimes raucous – but always having fun.

Other than the artists themselves, Artists In Transition includes Amy McKay, Rik Herrmann and Ann-Marie Fitzsimmons. Amy is a local photographer who drew Ann-Marie into the film photography web several years ago. Because of this love of film photography and homeless advocacy, Amy and Ann-Marie met Rik, the gallery curator for WanderLinger Art Gallery where they held their first show in November 2019.

Amy McKay is a local Chattanooga photographer and all around hoot.

Rik Herrmann is a dad, painter and the curator for the WanderLinger Art Gallery in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Ann-Marie is a mom, librarian and exhausted.

How You Can Help

Make A Donation

We happily accept monetary donations and new / used items. Make a monetary donation here and see what items we need.

Become A Volunteer

We’d love to see you at our events. Check out our Events Calendar and see what we’ve got going on!

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Purchase Artwork

Our Artists in Transition have artwork and other crafts available for purchase.